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Travel Analysis

In todays modern world traveling is undertaken by an individual on account of education, service, business, medical treatment, marriage, pilgrimage, tourism etc. this traveling involves being away from home, city, state and country. These are the frequent questions asked for the foreign travel.

1. Where will I travel abroad?

2. Will I settle down in abroad?

3. How would be my foreign trip?

4. Which one is better foreign or home country?

5. In which direction I may go?

6. Will I go to sacred places or pilgrimage during this year?

7. Will I get Visa?

8. Will I get expansion of Visa?

In this comprehensive report our pandit ji will analyze native horoscope and effects of transit of major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. After minute analyzes the above factor and strength of your horoscope and concerned planets, pinpoint predictions will be given concerning traveling in the year ahead.


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"Pandit ji, Jai Maa Vindhwasini, You have changed my life which was not going well after your prediction i got my government service and also very soon i will getting marriage with the same girl which i have disscussed you. - Thanks a lot. Mukesh Gandhi, Gujrat (India)"

I was facing very bad financial circumstrance in my life but after Pandit ji advice now i got releaf and improving my financial position. He is like a God for me. Brijesh Verma, Jabalpur (M.P.)

With my ordered i got the stone which pandit ji advised for my brother as he was not able to perform in his studies. But after wearing now he is improving day by day. Thanks a lot. Sneha, Maharastra (India)

My husband and I were facing major marital issues. Wearing Emerald and Hessonite has definitely helped save our marriage. Guruji, please let me know if you also run some spiritual sessions. Mani Saxena, Indore (India)

I wore the yellow sapphire as suggested by pandit ji. Things have started improving and I am being more logical in my decision-making, something I wasn't earlier regardless of how hard I tried - my emotions would get the better of me. Manish Arora, Faizabad (India)

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